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We take avalanche education seriously...
We’re passionate about what we teach and what we ski. We take pride in delivering informative, hands-on avalanche courses. We know better avalanche savvy equals better days in the mountains, and we certainly aim to have fun while we learn! So join us this winter and get your avalanche geek on.
We set the standard for avalanche education in the UK: As ski/mountain guides and avalanche instructors, we have spent decades in the backcountry from Antarctica to Alaska, building up the knowledge, experience and skills that are necessary to provide top quality avalanche courses. All our avalanche courses are a mix of classroom and field work utilizing up-to-date understanding and techniques.

Fall-line Magazine December issue 2011 Mike Austin from Ski the Mountain said: for a long time now, Canada and the United States has been offering evaluated structured avalanche education to keen riders and mountain enthusiasts who want to be responsible for their own safety. This has become increasingly pertinent in recent years with the massive growth in off piste and backcountry skiing. In Europe we’ve been way behind the curve in offering something similar. There are some good instructors out there, but knowledge is being passed on piecemeal. There’s no linear progression in the learning. Ski the Mountain along with Mountain Adventure Company are on a mission to provide the best avalanche courses and education available in Europe. 

This winter we're offering one and two day courses based in the Cairngorm Mts. Email us today for availability.


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